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Caitlin Harrison

If you are anything like me when I was starting out, you are struggling to create a visual brand that stands out. You know you need a website, beautiful graphics, and a killer logo, but you don’t know where to start. I’m a graphic and web designer who creates custom design solutions that deliver your message to your ideal clients and customers so you showcase your expertise in an instant.

Hey, I get it, every corner of the internet has a different person trying to tell you XYZ is the BEST and ONLY way to achieve success in your business. Or you heard from your best friend’s buddy that Fiverr can handle all your design needs in a flash. And I’m not here to tell you they are wrong, per se. But as the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice. 

Small businesses like yours are in need of a graphic designer who is also a strategic planner. This means a designer who will also take your business under her wing and help you achieve a visual brand you can be proud of. (I can’t help it, I consider your business my business.) 

The majority of my 15+ year graphic design career has been in print publishing. For those in the know, publishing has a ton of moving parts, razor-thin budgets, and intense deadlines. It is not for the faint of heart (or the disorganized). 

In late 2020, I ventured out into the world of building websites bringing my intrinsic knowledge of how a reader navigates a dense magazine along with my clean, beautiful design aesthetic to my clients’ websites. Pairing my design abilities with top-level WordPress building expertise provides a one-two punch when it comes to standing out online. 

I’ve developed a signature system to offer high-quality design with a time-efficient turnaround. Whether you need a Brand Suite in a Week, a Website in a Week, or both, my processes and deliverables will be sure to WOW you. See more details on the process here and here

When I’m not wrangling code, you can find me wrangling my toddler, wine tasting, enjoying a cheeseboard, knowing random trivia decades later, and finding the next great book to get lost in. Seriously, quiz me on some pop culture, I’ll likely know it. I can’t wait to get to know you and your business—book a call with me today! 

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