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Caitlin harrison
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Caitlin Harrison

Do you have that one idea for a business that keeps you up at night? Hats for cats or mittens for kittens? Well, maybe not that. But a product or service that you know the world would just itching to see? Or do you have a business, product, or service that just isn’t reaching the right clients? 

If you’re thinking “YES, CAITLIN! SOCKS ON A FOX IS THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA…. But how do I start?” 

That’s where I come in. I love that ol’ adage: measure twice, cut once. The planning and development of an idea is the most essential part of a successful business. I know, I know… BORING. But seriously, a solid foundation and set of directions will help get your business off the ground. (And there’s no saying you can’t go back and rewrite directions as you grow, I also encourage continual reflection on your brand.)

My passion is all about helping small local companies in need of a strategic designer that is also a planner (Somewhat of a unicorn, if I do say so myself).  I’m a graphic designer and web developer who helps startups… well, get started. I also help established brands evaluate where they can improve. 

Throughout my career, I helped launch two magazines from inception, including the fastest-growing magazine in Raleigh. This involved establishing the brand guidelines and rules, the layout structure, media kits, sales sheets… you name it. With a development strategy of print and web design intended to attract and engage new readers, we increased web traffic by 91%.

You want clarity, insight, and direction when it comes to your branding and marketing. Are you looking to increase sales, attract more leads or customers? Sign up today for your FREE discovery call and tell me all about that business problem that is keeping you up at night. 

Other areas of enjoyment include toddler wrangling, wine tasting, cheeseboards, knowing random trivia decades later, and finding the next great book to get lost in. Seriously, quiz me on some pop culture, I’ll likely know it.

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