Brand Suite in a Week

Hit the ground running with a professional visual brand that makes an impact.

Truth time: Are you still in that phase of business where you're settling for that templated logo you got off Fiverr or Canva?

Okay, so you’ve got this great business idea, but what comes first?
The chicken or the egg? Just kidding, the real question: the business or the visual branding? 

I present you with Option C: BOTH!
YOU focus on getting the business up and running and I design you a badass logo suite in a week! 

Startup conundrum

It’s true. People decide how legit a company is within seconds of seeing their branding, website, etc.

A solid logo will tell your customers so much about you without you saying a word. It creates a first impression and a vote of confidence in your skills/experience/product/insert-business-mojo-here. 

Sure, you can find a $25 logo designer on Fiverr, but who knows how many times they’ve sold that logo or a similar design. OR you could spend tens of thousands at an agency, but I’m guessing you want to test this business out first… make sure it’s a viable idea. 

That’s where the idea of Brand Suite in a Week comes in. Using my brand exercise and 15+ years as a graphic designer, I can craft a simple, effective logo, brand board, and collateral to get your business off the ground!

Let's bring your business to life with a killer visual brand!

How does it work?

First, let’s have a discovery call to go over the basics of your business and be sure this is a good fit for you. (I’m sure we will be GREAT together, but I do like to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before taking your money!) 

While we are on that call, we will book your Brand Suite in a Week intensive and I will send your “homework” – this is an incredible brand exercise that will help you look at the big picture of your company while also getting into some nitty-gritty details.

Looking to add a website or more design work (such as handbooks, ebooks, etc)? Let me know on the chat and we can work out a custom package! 

Take a peek at how the week works!


Kickoff call: We will take a deep dive into your business, ideas, goals, visions, and passions. 

Before the call, you will have worked through my branding exercise which will give you a bird’s eye view of your brand and help me get inside your head to design your dream logo! 


Concepting Day: I will start the day with some research and brainstorming. 

The best logos work in one color, so the first drafts will all be in black and white.

You can expect to receive 7-10 rough concepts to give you a variety of directions to go in. You will choose 1-2 favorites by 9am EST Wednesday.


Logo Day: To start Day 3,
we will have a quick call or chat to go over your favorites and why. 

From there, we will have a logo direction. I will clean up and finalize the design—this can mean a little clean-up of the icon, spacing, etc. You know, geeky designer stuff. 

By the end of the day,  you will receive a logo with two palette options to choose from.


Collateral Day: To really stand out from the crowd, you need cohesive collateral materials! 

I will design the Brand Board, which will be your go-to resource for your business look and feel. 

I will also provide you with designs for a business card, envelope,  social media profile images, and an email signature. 


Handoff day! We did it! 

In the morning, I can input any text and minor* changes to the collateral. 

By midafternoon, I will send over a Dropbox folder with your logo in the formats you’ll need for print and web, plus all the collateral.

*Minor changes include swapping an image, moving text, but nothing structural to the layouts.

So what's included?

  • Main logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Icon/Submark logo
  • Logos in one place
  • Font Choices
  • Color Palette
  • Patterns (if applicable)
  • Business Card
  • Envelope/Address label
  • Social Media Profile Images
  • Email Signature
  • All File Formats - jpg, png, eps
  • Original Illustrator files
  • Color, Black, and White (transparent) versions
  • PDF printable designs

What are you waiting for?

Got questions?

We've got answers! Let's grab a virtual coffee and see how best we can solve your business design problem(s)!
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