Bringing art to life with an informative website

Client: Orbital Solutions

An artist using her marketing and high-level concepting to illustrate complex ideas simply.

The Problem: Sarah Steinberg was looking to combine her extensive knowledge of marketing solutions with her love of stop motion art. As we eased out of the pandemic, she was looking for a website to launch her services. She wants to help others that need visual solutions to explain their complex ideas. 

The Solution: Complexity made simple. Starting from the beginning, we build a visual brand. Orbital plays on the simple atom we all learn as kids is actually much more complex. This is the kind of thinking that can take big ideas like the COVID vaccine and turn them into digestible and informative videos. 

Next, we took the existing art, video, and social media presence and leveraged it into a one-stop website. This makes it easy for potential clients to find and hire Orbital Solutions. 

The Results: The website has launched and is being used to drive traffic to get on a call with Sarah.

Caitlin transformed my business. I am so grateful for all that she did to help me with the branding of my new company and the website she created for me is not only gorgeous but beyond my wildest dreams of what I thought it could be before working with her. She’s got a unique combination of creativity and project management skills – and this was an asset as she helped me navigate what I needed for my business’s online presence.

— Sarah Steinberg, Orbital Solutions

You want clarity, insight, and direction when it comes to your branding and marketing.

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