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Raleigh Magazine

A monthly city magazine covering news, food, and events.

The Problem: Seeing a need for a true city magazine similar to Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston, Raleigh Magazine set out to bring news, food, style, and events to the citizens of Raleigh. They needed cutting-edge design that would launch a new product to a market that had never seen such a publication. 

The Design/Solution: Starting from scratch, I established the brand guidelines, fonts, magazine rules (think, headlines can be these 2-3 options, body copy is x, icons look like y). A quality magazine needs to look effortless and be easy to navigate as a reader … which takes a lot of upfront thinking and planning. 

I created an entire brand suite of collateral—logo, business cards, contract, sales sheets, media kits, the works. Consistency is key in making a new company look like it’s been around forever. 

I also know all that fun technical stuff like printer registration marks, color modes, and those nitpicky things that printers love to see. 

Oh? It’s not just a print world these days, you say? Well, I took a complex print product and designed a sitemap that translated the magazine into a state-of-the-art web experience. Complex additions (aside from thousands of words a month) included subscription forms, user-generated event calendars, and advanced ad placement options. 

The Results: With new subscribers every day, a successful bi-weekly newsletter, and over 20k followers, Raleigh Magazine hit the streets and the web with much success.

NC Kitchen & Bath

A home improvement company

The Problem: Taking 25 years of contracting experience, NC Kitchen and Bath started a new company to provide quality renovations to central North Carolina. But like many new business owners, where does one start? 

The Solution: After they secured an incredible business name with the state (Seriously? No one else in North Carolina snagged this before?), I got started on a branding package. Striving to keep everything simple in a world where competitors often have busy logos, I embraced the solid structure of a job well done with a simple square and knocked-out type. 

From there, I executed a brand suite that included yard signs, local magazine ads, and t-shirts. 

For the website, the key factor for a customer is great imagery and an easy way to contact the builder. Using professional photography, I created a portfolio of work that showcased the quality of service NC Kitchen & Bath provides. I also put as many call-to-action contact buttons and areas as I could so that a potential customer is always able to find the form to learn more. 

The Results: Over five years in business, NC Kitchen & Bath is successfully booking out jobs months into the future

Nancy Nurge NP

Connecticut-based cannabis nurse practitioner

The Problem: Nancy Nurge NP is certified to enroll patients in the Medical Marijuana program, yet she had no system for onboarding them. She was contacting, sending forms, and enrolling each patient manually. 

The Solution: The first step was to purchase CRM software to manage the automation of patients. She chose Keap by Infusionsoft and began the setup and importing of her clients and contacts. 

She hired me to simplify her logo, establish a brand guide, and create a simple website that integrated with Keap to streamline her patient intake process. 

Leaning into the rich greens of the cannabis plant, I created a straightforward brand, a streamlined website, and a custom HTML form that talks directly to Keap. 

The Results: Nancy Nurge NP is now set up to run her business at optimal capacity. No longer is she wasting hours of her day emailing and manually following up with patients on forms, renewals, and information. 

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