Sales page to pitch potential investors

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A revolutionary program for individuals with diabetes

The Problem: A pair of entrepreneurs teamed up to developed an incredible program. The program is for individuals with diabetes. Most people who are diagnosed feel as they will never get better. But Sam and Sel created a program that combines science, exercise, and hands-on engagement. Now that they had repeatable results and the technology set up, they needed to find a way to sell this idea. Their target is insurance companies (for deductible coverage for patients) and venture capitalist investors. 

The Solution: We built the sales page after a few weeks of brainstorming the right content and marketing. The website focuses on their three-step process for reaching the individual. I designed the infographics, combined with testimonial videos and stats, this really brings the national diabetes problem and UNDENIABLY FIT’s innovative solution to life. 

The Results: With this sales page, they are armed and ready to approach investors and insurance companies. They are currently booking meetings and we hope to hear that UNDENIABLY FIT will begin expanding across the country soon! 

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